Friday, 5 March 2021

Small decorated box - 100 days


I bought this small box from The Works, it was only a couple of quid and I liked the oval shape.  It's still available, at a sale price of £1.50 at time of writing.
For such a small item, it caused me a lot of grief!  I chose to paint it using a Rustoleum chalk finish furniture paint, in a gorgeous ink blue.  Lovely colour, and I have good experience of the brand .... but .... this stuff marks like crazy!!  It needs a protective coat of varnish even on an item which won't be handled much, so if I were to use it on furniture that would be at least three coats required.  But the colours in the range are lovely, so I will be buying more and now I know I will need varnish too :-)
I found the name plate in a box of  'things which will be useful at some point' and applied some gilding polish to make it gold to match the fittings.  That was as far as I got in my planning, the rest was ad-libbed from there!  I have some dark blue veined mosaic tiles so they went inside the name plate, on a bed of gold texture paste because I don't have any grout.  The name plate looked a bit lonely so I added some Venetian marbled paper in shades of blue to sit underneath the plate.  Then the sides looked plain, so I die-cut borders out of the same paper.
Still not enough!  I added gold peel off lines to frame the borders, then decided the top mat needed an edge so found some pearl strips and added some of those to the base as well.
Phew!  It's done ...... Now I have to work out what to use it for :-)

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